Attendance Policies

The main goal is obviously not to miss any classes due to the short schedule but the following are guidelines if something unexpected should happen.

The student will be dismissed from the school if more than 25% of the total clock hours of accumulated absences in the classroom occur (classroom hours, lab and Internship hours total 152 hours and 25% of this is 38 hours or 5 days) Maximum time missed in Lecture = 2 days and maximum time missed in Lab = 3 days.

  • 30 minutes-4 hours of a day are considered a partial absence and constitutes a half day missed or Total 4 hours
  • 4-8 hours are considered a full absence and constitutes a full day missed or total 7 1/2 hrs

Accumulated absences of more than 5 days would exceed the 25% limit of the code. The student is held responsible for all tuition payments if excessive absences justify termination. According to our re-admittance policy, the student may not return until the next scheduled class.

All absentees must contact the lead instructor at least 8 hours prior to absence and another student to make-up class material missed. This does not remove an absence from the student's attendance record but does allow the student to catch up with the remainder of their classmates.

A request for a leave of absence must be addressed to the Director of the school and cannot be allowed in general due to the nature of this school and its fast-paced training requirements. Any student needing to miss a single class session must contact the lead instructor in advance for the assignment and the material expected to be covered due to the absence.

Excused absences will be regarded as absences for the attendance requirements of program.

Satisfactory Progress

There are four main criteria in determining whether a student is progressing at the expected requirements.

Attendance (see absences, tardies, leaves of absence and make-up sessions) 25%
Attitude 25%
Grades (see grading system) 25%
Review of Externship Report 25%

Required for graduation of this course: 75%

Progress Reports and daily testing will keep the student appraised of their progress.

Transcripts will be available to prospective employers and to students upon request and without charge for the first copy.

Statement of Assurance

The program, curriculum and instruction are of such quality, content, and length as may reasonably and adequately achieve the stated objective for the Dental Assisting School that is offered.

There is in the school adequate space, equipment, instructional material, and instructor personnel to provide training of good quality.

Education and experience qualifications of director and instructor meet the minimum requirements.

The school complies with all local, city, county, municipal, state and federal regulations, such as fire, building and sanitation codes.

The school is financially sound and capable of fulfilling its commitments for training.

The school's director and instructor is of good reputation and character.

A Master Student Registration List will be maintained.

Adequate records as prescribed by the director will be kept to show attendance, progress, grades and satisfactory standards relating to attendance, progress and conduct are enforced.

On completion of training, and when the financial obligation has been fulfilled, the student is given a certificate by the school indicating the program and training was completed satisfactorily. Eligible veteran students will be given a certificate by the school indicating the program and training were completed satisfactorily upon the completion of training.

DCCS Student Complaints

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