About Us

Dental Career Center of Stephenville

In 2008, we have seen the need for highly trained and effective Dental Assistants. The State of Texas is now regulating this career with mandated courses and exams and there is a particular need for more specialized training for our Dental Assistants. Our Director is a practicing Dentist since 1997 in Stephenville, Texas. Our Lead Instructor is a Registered Dental Assistant and a practicing Dental Assistant since 2005. We believe that after this thorough, fast paced education, students will be able to enter the field of dentistry as a trained Dental Assistant and complete the necessary tests to be registered and certified in Dental Assisting. This course's maximum time will be ten weeks of lecture and chair-side assisting followed by tested two days of chair-side training during an Internship with the Director. After successful completion of the course and Internship, there will be a three day Externship program to be completed before a Certificate of Completion will be awarded.


Our program is developed to allow an individual to work at another job and yet start learning the necessary job disciplines to succeed in Dental Assisting. Our sessions require quick learning of skills being taught. Therefore this course is designed to be fully completed in a matter of 12 weeks. There are 10 lecture sessions during the 12 weeks. Additionally 8 weeks of the 12, the student will be assigned one additional day of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) in which they will chair-side assist and/or observe (called a lab session) the Dentist/Director and Instructor/Assistant as they deliver direct patient care in the dental office. After the first 10 weeks, the student will deliver unassisted dental care with the Dentist/Director in the dental office for two days (Internship). There will be an additional three days of Externship necessary to complete the Program. Program length is 10 days of lecture and at least 13 days of chair-side training over a span of 12 weeks (8 days observation + 2 days internship + 3 days externship).

The course (teaching and internships) will take place in an established dental practice located at 140 S. Harbin Drive, Stephenville, Texas 76401. The office is 3411 sq. ft. with five equipped dental treatment rooms, a laboratory, large sterilization room, business office, and facilities for video and lecture presentations.

Effective September 1, 2006, to apply to become a registered dental assistant, a student must complete a mandatory short course approved by The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners. An approved provider list can be found on the TSBDE website: http//www.tsbde.state.tx.us. By law a dental assistant must be registered with TSBDE in order to take x-rays at a dentist's office.