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Class Start Dates

Dental Career Center of Stephenville takes place three times a year. Enrollment period is up to one week before class starts.

Course 10312020January 10 – April 4
Course 10322020June 5 - August 29
Course 10332020September 11 - December 5
Course 10342021January 8 – April 3
Course 10352021June 4 - August 28
Course 10362021September 10 - December 4
Course 10372022January 7 – April 2
Course 10382022June 3 - August 27
Course 10392022September 9 - December 3
Course 10402023January 6 – April 1
Course 10412023June 2 - August 26
Course 10422023September 8 - December 2
Course 10432024January 5 – March 29
Course 10442024June 7 - August 30
Course 10452024September 6 – November 29
Course 10462025January 10 – April 4
Course 10472025June 6 - August 29
Course 10482025September 5 – November 28
Course 10492026January 9 – April 3
Course 10502026June 5 - August 28
Course 10512026September 11 – December 4
Course 10522027January 8 – April 2
Course 10532027June 4 - August 27
Course 10542027September 10 – December 3

Class Schedule

Students will attend class on Fridays or Saturdays (at the discretion of the Director depending on scheduling conflicts among involved students and instructors) from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM for 10 weeks. Additionally eight weeks of the ten, the student will be assigned one day of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) to chair-side assist and/or observe (called Lab) the Dentist/Director and Instructor/Assistant as they deliver direct patient care in the dental office. After these 10 weeks, the student will deliver unassisted dental care with the Dentist/Director in the dental office for two days (Internship). The student will then be assigned an Externship for three days.

Program Length is 10 days of lecture and at least 6 days (may be more if student needs additional assistance) of chair-side(lab) training over the span of 12 weeks.

Lecture Schedule
Lab Schedule
Tue, Wed & Thur
8:00-1:00Patient Care
1:00-2:00Lunch [Wed 12-1
2:00-5:00Patient Care

Closed Class Date

  • New Years Day
  • Spring Break
  • Memorial Day
  • July Fourth
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Day After Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Tuition & Fees

Text, Workbook, CPR book/card150.00
Student Supplies150.00
Total Cost$3,500.00

Description of Curriculum

Dental Career Center of Stephenville is a twelve consecutive week teaching program training students as entry-level dental assistants for private and specialty practice dental offices. This program is detailed, comprehensive and fast paced.

Lectures are taught one day per week totaling 56 clock hours. Practice Lab with the Instructor are 20 clock hours. Labs average one day per week totaling 64 clock hours. An Internship totals 16 clock hours. The overall total learning time is 156 clock hours. In addition, the student is required to complete a three day Externship with another dental practice which allows these students to put into practice what they have been learning with someone who has not trained them.

There is also an interactive CD-ROM provided for the students with their textbooks which have approximately 60 hours of home study and class preparation.

The total learning experience totals 180 hours of direct instruction but possibly a combined total of 240 hours that can be committed to learning the necessary skills to become a dental assistant. There are no additional requirements for completion of the program and the course cannot be completed in less than the ten weeks of sessions, two days of Internship and the three days of Externship.

Upon completion of this Dental Assisting Program, students will receive a Certificate of Completion accompanied by a letter of introduction for their resume and signed by the Director of the school.

Grading System

There will be a total of eight (8) daily quizzes at the beginning of each session over the material learned from the previous session.

There will be a final exam on the Job Interview Communications Skills day.

There will be an Internship Evaluation.

Amount Percentage/Item Total
Quizzes 8 6.25% 50%
Final 1 25.00% 25%
Internship Eval 1 25.00% 25%


A Passing Grade will be a cumulative average of no less than 75 with no single exam grade lower than a 70. A student who is unsatisfactory at any point of the course will be placed on a probationary period until her/his grade point gets within the 75 average. If the student does not achieve satisfactory progress within three weeks from the initial unsatisfactory point, then the student will be terminated. Students terminated for unsatisfactory progress cannot be readmitted into the assistant school until the following course, and only if she/he shows their intent to improve by extra remedial study of CDROM material and a test on the same material. We encourage our students to be prepared and diligent in their study of the dental assisting material.